The primary vision of H+O is to design tiles that can be applied as centerpieces in interior projects. Other than being a ceramic surface the idea is to use them as an element of connotation in various environments. The first edited collection Rilievi is composed by modular tiles to be combined and assembled in different configurations, generating an open range of geometric patterns with a strong character.

 The collection is based on the small format. Following years of trend with large sizes of tiles and the attempt to hide the inevitable joints, the idea is to go back in time and reinforce the original expression and concept of ceramic tiles. Reconsiderations and innovative studies of the use of tiles as well as the joints in between them form the collection.
Rilievi is a system in which custom-made shapes and formats along with colors of glazes can be combined into multiple variations of patterns and where joints and edges are considered to be part of the perception. Also colored joints are used in the H+O concept as they emphasize and create a strong and distinctive graphic sign. The collection is a three-dimensional concept inspired by geometric shapes. The 3D effect is translated to the surface due to cuttings and reliefs. The effect doesn’t appear due to digital prints on the surface. The 3D approach creates contemporary and interesting ways to clothe and customize walls and environmental surfaces in general.

H+O studied a series of mounting options to be provided as a service in order to enrich the playful and creative aspect of using tiles in a new concept of interior design. The tiles are available in four colors of glazes: Muschio, Terra, Neve e Notte. Customized colors can be made on request.