hpluso founders

Born from a longtime collaboration between Elisa Ossino and Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer, H+O will open its doors in Via Solferino 11 during Milan Design Week 2019, revealing their first collection of tiles and launching their first exhibition “Perfect Darkness”.

The apartment installation brings together a selection of highly esteemed Danish and Italian brands. The installation represents an imagined space that informally condenses the functions of both private residence and gallery, hosting meetings, sharing ideas and reflections and unfolding various projects, but also enjoying moments of conviviality.

The overall concept of H+O is to use tiles as a central part of the space, featuring them in each room not only covering walls and floors but also serving as structural and architectonical elements. For the occasion, H+O has edited “Rilievi”, a collection of simple modular tiles that can be combined and assembled in different configurations, generating a open range of geometric patterns.

Elisa Ossino Studio designed the interiors of the apartment. The central feature of the project is the use of geometric patterns running through various rooms with variations created by the use of different tiles formats. Objects, art pieces and tailor-made furnishings have been carefully selected and characterize the place. Chosen in collaboration with File Under Pop, the colors emphasize the vibration of light highlighting the sequence of environments in a continuous transition from darker to brighter spaces. Through the presence of patterns, colours, lights and sounds, each room is conceived as an individual installation in a continuous process of spatial abstraction.